What experiences have our customers, partners and patients had with Ortholutions Original RSC® Brace scoliosis corset care as products and services? We have selected the authentic statements about the cooperation with our partners and present them.

Orthopedic technicians and orthopedic specialists about the RSC® Brace Scoliosis Corset

I cannot say enough about my positive experiences with Ortholutions.

Avital Pinhas

CPO, Taigon Medical

Avital Pinhas CPO, Taigon Medical, Israel

I am writing this recommendation after 10 years of collaboration between my company and Ortholutions Germany.In spite of the great physical distance between our two companies, the service provided by Ortholutions is completely professional. Ortholutions provides, in collaboration with Dr. Rigo, a smart and very advanced solution for the Doctor and Orthotist as well as best care and results for each individual patient.

The service that I receive from Ortholutions is fast and given with great care and responsibility. It is a pleasure to work with Ortholutions as there system is very user friendly.As for my experience with Braces, I have to state that I had 15 years of previous experience with the Boston Brace. After I started to work with the RSC® Brace, I have found that the results from the RSC® Brace are very different from the Boston Brace and are much more successful.I can not say enough about my positive experiences working with Ortholutions.

I highly recommend them for there high quality professional service as well as there advanced system and most important, they provide a brace that gives the best results for the patient.

The [scoliosis] braces are always consistent and of high standard and quality. Ortholutions have always been there with great service, back-up and innovative ideas.

Rowan Berkowitz

Certified Prosthetist Orthotist (CPO), Berkowitz Shnier Inc.

Rowan Berkowitz, C.P.O. (S.A.), Bryanston, Sandton, Republic of South Africa

What do I love about working with Ortholutions…

I have been using the Original RSC Brace and sBraces from Ortholutions since 2004.

The braces are always consistent and of high standard and quality. More important for me is that Dino is always available for an opinion pre- or post bracing a patient and is always available to discuss the case and give his opinion.  As the largest spinal deformity management practice in South Africa, I have been referred some really difficult and complicated cases over the years and Ortholutions have always been there with great service, back-up and innovative ideas. On a personal level, Dino & Jenny are like extended family far away – but never too far away that I can’t reach out anytime!

In my mind, there is no better scoliosis brace on the market –– they are accurate and effective.

Hugh Malleson

physiotherapist, Cymortho

Hugh Malleson, State Registered Orthotist (Dip OPTEC, BTEC, MBAPO), Cymortho, Wales, U.K.

In my mind, there is no better scoliosis brace on the market – they are accurate and effective. The products are constantly evolving and the manufacturing process is becoming more sophisticated and the braces are being returned in reduced times, still to a high degree of accuracy. The results speak for themselves – using Ortholutions Original RSC® braces will reduce the numbers of clients who will need surgical intervention.

Stephan Schildhauer, CPO, Managing Director, Paul Schulze Orthopädie und Bandagen GmbH, Berlin, Germany

I have been using the Ortholutions Original RSC® Brace for 7 years now. Due to the intensive training, the close cooperation with the team behind the system and always the possibility (for difficult supplies) to get a technician for on-site supplies, I was convinced to stick with this concept.

Nevertheless, the system demands a sound basic knowledge and manual skill. The measures and trials, as well as delivery and readjustments, require technical and professional knowledge of the user. I particularly like that all the people involved exchange ideas on the same level in order to achieve the maximum care goal. The Original RSC® Brace scoliosis corset is an effective, safe method for us to treat scoliosis [patients] individually.

Werner Hofmann, CPO, Skolio Point, Neu-Ulm, Germany

As a CPO, I have specialized in scoliosis supply since 1988 and have built many ‘classic’ Chêneau corsets during this time. After initial skepticism, the effectiveness of the RSC® Brace convinced me. The patient’s acceptance is many times higher than with my previous care.

I have been working with the RSC® Brace for more than 2 years now and appreciate the dialogue and supportive communication with the Ortholutions team. This offers great advantages especially for patients with difficult care. Through our care team, Dr. Beck MD, physiotherapist Ms. Böhle and I were also able to deepen our collaboration with the scoliosis self-help group in Ulm. I’m still looking forward to a great and innovative collaboration.

Orthopädie & Rehatechnik Rulitschka, Celle, Germany

We have been working with Ortholutions since September 2006. During this time we have carried out many supplies with the RSC® Brace. The fit, correction results and patient compliance have improved significantly since then. The delivery service is fast and the quality is very good. Our patients benefit from an interdisciplinary collaboration between medical doctors, Ortholutions and Orthopaedie- and Rehatechnik Rulitschka. And they thank us for the consistently positive response. Thank you very much and good luck!

Christian Krüger, Managing Director, Mayer & Rexing GmbH, Heidelberg, Germany

I am very satisfied with the brace supplies, the seat corset also has fit perfectly. I thank you for the excellent cooperation and hope that everything will continue to work so well.

Dr. Patricia Nischwitz MD D.O. (DAAO), Center for Orthopedics and Naturopathy Rhein-Main

For many years I have been an orthopedic surgeon in the field of scoliosis treatment and pediatric orthopedics. Through Ortholutions and especially through the work of Dr Rigo my work in this area has received a good, further and innovative impulse.

The treatment results can be further improved in the future, particularly through the cooperation in the treatment team with several competent orthopedic specialists, orthopedic technicians and physiotherapists, as well as the efforts in the team to achieve continuous further development and improvement. Experience to date has been consistently positive.

The collaboration is a pleasure, both through continuous medical and technical improvements and through human interaction.

Dr. Karin Wöllstein MD

Specialist in orthopedics and trauma surgery

Dr. Karin Wöllstein MD, specialist in orthopedics and trauma surgery

During my time as a senior physician at the Katharina Schroth Clinic Bad Sobernheim, I worked with the Ortholutions team for two years (2003 to 2005). This cooperation was very pleasant and constructive, characterized by mutual respect, respect and appreciation. The focus of the treatment was always on the patient.

The team from Ortholutions in collaboration with Dr. Manuel Rigo / Barcelona is constantly developing the corsets so that, in addition to good correction success (radiologically and cosmetically), a maximum aimed at achieving comfort. A permanent and sustainable relationship between doctor, technician and patient was always a matter of course.

The cooperation gave me a lot of pleasure, both through the continuous medical and technical improvements as well as through the human interaction. I can fully recommend the Ortholutions team for brace supply.

Dr Lou Ann Rivett PhD, physiotherapist, specializing in the Schroth Method, Randburg, Republic of South Africa

I included my latest pics of Susan (adult patient pain management).Her alignment is alot better. She is so happy, I think I mentioned, when she was shopping, every 20 mins she would have to sit down, because of pain.

Now she says if she is in the brace, she can shop without sitting down for 3 hours !!!!! The last pic is of one of my patients. We started a year ago at 62 deg Cobb, Risser 1 and now out the brace for three hours she is 41 deg, she is still wearing the brace 22 hours a day and very compliant with the exercises. Nice going!!! The orthopaedic surgeons eyes nearly popped out when he saw this xray.

Grant Wood CPO, Co-Founder, Align Clinic San Mateo, California, U.S.A.

I have been providing scoliosis braces for over 15 years, and as a result Ortholutions has provided that most advanced and best fitting scoliosis braces that I have experienced. It is important for the patient to have a high standard of patient care and quality control, which Ortholutions provides with the Original RSC® Brace. This involves the medical teams collaboration between Dr. Manuel Rigo in Spain, Ortholutions in Germany, and the certified RSC® Brace Center, of which I am proud to be part of.

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