What impressions and experiences have participants, including mainly orthopedic specialists, orthopedic technicians and physiotherapists, taken from the RSC® Brace Scoliosis Intensive Seminar for their professional activities and the specific treatment of patients? We asked seminar visitors from past years to the present about their evaluation.

Experience reports on the RSC® Brace Scoliosis Intensive Seminar

There is no other course I have taken that has been as informative and interesting in the 12 years as a CPO.

Ashley Meadows

MSPO, CPO, Hanger Clinic (Center for Orthotic and Prosthetic Care)

Ashley Meadows, Hanger Clinic | Center for Orthotic and Prosthetic Care, Duke University, Durham, USA

The RSC Brace Scoliosis Intensive Seminar provided an excellent forum to learn the intricacies of Rigo System Chêneau bracing. Dr. Rigo and the Ortholutions team provided detailed information behind the philosophies around bracing strategies for scoliosis as well as a psychological awareness we all need to realize before working one on one with this population. It was quite amazing to have the wealth of knowledge presented so thorough, eloquent and technical while being concise and relevant to today’s therapies and treatments. There is no other course I have taken that has been as informative and interesting in the 12 years as a CPO.

Since I started treating scoliosis as a Schroth therapist, the RSC® Brace Scoliosis Intensive Seminar has provided the most useful information on this topic.

Thomas Pielmeier

physiotherapist, Physio-TOM

Thomas Pielmeier, Self-employed physiotherapist, Physio-TOM, Nuremberg, Germany

In the almost 10 years in which I treat scoliosis as a Schroth therapist, it has provided the most useful information on this topic. It explained to me how a (good) brace works, which also has an impact on my work as a therapist, as well as the better knowledge about the development of scoliosis. Through the RSC® Brace Intensive Seminar, I now feel empowered, if necessary, to constructively criticize corsets. On the other hand, I can better support its effects and optimize my therapy by better understanding the way a corset works (which is sometimes different than I thought, but absolutely brilliant!). I can only recommend this seminar!

Eric Tosky, CEO, Orthopedic Alternatives, Fresh Meadows, New York, USA

Before entering the learning center at Ortholutions headquarters, in Rosenheim Germany, I was struck by the beauty of the surrounding countryside. The snow capped mountains framed the green farmland. Local residents bicycled along the roads. Flowers bloomed in the fields and in the gardens. The air was crisp and the breezes were fresh.

Ortholutions suggested that we stay in a hotel that resembled a centuries old chateau. The experience was truly memorable. The rooms had all the modern conveniences, but were styled in the old French country manner.

The greatest benefit of taking the RSC course was getting acquainted with Dr. Manuel Rigo himself. His down to earth demeanor and his patience made the demanding material easily accessible. The modern Ortholutions learning center contributed to the success of the course. The visual aids were very helpful.

A surprising delight were the gourmet lunches that Ortholutions provided. These lunches would have received five stars had they been served in a fancy restaurant.

The coffee breaks were opportunities to sample local baked specialties, eat fresh fruits and drink espresso and cappuccino.

In addition to Dr. Rigo’s instruction, we had the opportunity to tour Ortholutions ultra modern laboratory.

When the course concluded, we had made many new friends and connected with European colleagues that we hoped we would collaborate with in the very near future.

It was time to relax a little and reflect upon what we had gathered in the way of useful clinical knowledge.

Mariana (13 y-o), Brazil

Being a demo patient at the RSC Brace Seminar was quite fun!

At the seminar I learned many things about the Brace, I met people that are seeking knowledge about the RSC Brace so they can fit them in their own countries and Dr. Rigo got to do my brace fitting.

It was a great opportunity to meet Dr. Rigo and to learn how the RSC Brace works, as I was very curious. They measured me various times and sketched braces using those measures and clinical view photos. My physiotherapist was very happy about what we had told him and he’s looking forward to going to the next seminar! Even, if possible, I would like to return to next year’s seminar and be a demo patient again!

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