Corset shirts made of functional fibers are preferred

A brace shirt made of functional fibers is worn under the scoliosis corset to protect the skin.

For underwear that often gets wet, such as brace shirts that are worn daily under scoliosis corsets or other trunk corsets, cotton is generally not useful, as it initially absorbs sweat well, but then swells, remains moist for a long time and adheres to the skin. The sweating of the body is thereby restricted and the moisture-heavy textiles scrub on the skin.

Pleasant skin climate under the scoliosis corset

Functional fibers allow sweat to penetrate due to their nature. The skin does not feel wet. This principle works even if a scoliosis corset is worn over 20 hours. We tested this at Ortholutions with many patients.

Environmental friendliness is now a must, even for clothing, so alternatives to traditional fiber materials that make up textiles become more important.

Functional fibers for the scoliosis patients and the environment

With Modal®, Lenzing has developed an environmentally friendly textile fiber. A life cycle analysis shows the environmental friendliness of Modal® compared to cotton. The study evaluates all environmental impacts caused by fiber production and concludes that the toxic load of fresh water and soil in cotton is enormous compared to Modal®. Because 50 percent cotton savings also means 50 percent protection of water and soil resources.

Modal® is 100% ecological and odor resistant. It is made of fast-growing beech wood – an optimum of environmental friendliness and the best solution for the environmentally conscious consumer.

A wide selection of corset clothing, including corset shirts and Corset-style hoodies from Micromodal, can be purchased at the Ortholutions online shop, along with further information in the material guide [in German language] for scoliosis clothing.

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