Insights into orthopedic technology design production and modern scoliosis treatment

With this new blog, we are increasingly focusing on the digital transformation within the industry. The Ortholutions corporate blog gives you the opportunity to keep up-to-date with all of our seminars, as well as industry-wide conferences and trade shows such as Sosort Conference and OT World, events, about our activities, products, and – more importantly – to keep about all topics informed and to exchange professionally about the intersections of different fields of work.

This can be a starting point for discussing professional assessments and practical experience in terms of development and progress. Positions of participating professionals are welcome.

We want to feature topics that concern us in our daily work, both in the lab, dealing with 3D milling technology for service production, and production of scoliosis braces, as well as the impressions from encounters with patients, parents and orthopedic technology partners.

‘Our focus is always on the subject. Likewise in communication and networking with patients and partners.’

Jenny Schmid and Dino Gallo


Orthopedic technology at the Ortholutions blog and in social media

Ortholutions as company and brand combines both – targeted scoliosis treatment using the Original RSC® Brace and state-of-the-art service production for entire orthopedic technology needs. This range opens up the opportunity to ask questions, share experiences, whether quick or in detail, or simply post a comment.

Therefore, please discover and use our range in social media, such as dialogue via Twitter @ortholutions, at the Ortholutions Facebook page or @ortholutions on Instagram as the entertaining channel with photos, videos, and stories.



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We look forward to all comments, impulses, and points of view in order to accompany with you the reality and progress of orthopedics and orthopedic technology, especially from our point of view – interesting, transparent, and understandable.

We are excited about what topic bandwidth this blog will cover.

Ortholutions Team

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