Ortholutions Stay Tuned Talk – Physiotherapy for Scoliosis and Scapula Alata – Teletherapy (S02-E01) [Video]

At Ortholutions STAY TUNED TALK original format (season 02 – episode 01) on ‘Physiotherapy and Teletherapy’, Thomas Pielmeier, physiotherapist, PHYSIO-Tom, Nuremberg, and his patient Sonja with host Jenny Schmid, co-founder and CEO Ortholutions, among other about physiotherapy, scoliosis therapy, scapula alata therapy (angel wing disease) as well as videotherapy/ teletherapy and telemedicine.


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– Season 02 episode list:

Physiotherapy and teletherapy, with Thomas Pielmeier and others – Season 02 – episode 01 (12/14/2020)
Treatment Of  Idiopathic Scoliosis in Estonia, with Dr. Jana Kritt, MD, and others – Season 02 – episode 02 (02/13/2021)


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