We wish you a good start into the new year! The entry into the early twenties of this millennium will definitely offer a lot of new, maybe exciting and definitely enjoyable moments. This is guaranteed only by looking at our already existing 2020 schedule: Our seminars for orthopedic technicians and physiotherapists, a large trade fair appearance and numerous encounters and discussions with patients, partners and interested parties increase the anticipation for everything to come at the beginning of the year! Jenny Schmid and Dino Gallo outline the developments in ortholutions and in orthopedic technology as an outlook for 2020.
Ortholutions Blog: From a professional point of view, what do you want for Ortholutions and you in 2020?

Dino Gallo: taining defined quality standards has a clear priority. With the expansion of our professional fields of activity, for example in cooperation with large orthopedic technology companies, there are enormous opportunities to sustainably expand the area of ​​scoliosis treatment by offering complete packages with our own products and services. In principle, such partnerships can be transferred to any orthopedic technology company. We are already working with some companies, including young orthopedic technicians, to set up a collaboration. Our competence in the CAD area creates an ideal starting point for future-oriented solutions. Digitization has long captured orthopedic technology!
We start with ourselves and draw further potential from our employees. This includes further developing, training and taking responsibility for the staff in production, especially service manufacturing in special CAD and 3D printing. Appropriate clear structures against the background of the new Ortholutions brand image increase productivity and create identification.

Jenny Schmid: We will see a noticeable increase in the visibility of the existing product range. We offer both trunk CAD project packages and 3D print, in addition to our tried and tested seminars. In Europe, especially in the EU, the demand for central fabrication is growing and the number of certified Ortholutions Original RSC Centers is increasing continuously worldwide.
The world from and around Ortholutions is diverse and colorful. For us as a company, this means keeping an eye open and expanding for all of its possibilities and facets. In addition to achieving our business goals, I would also like to be mindful and respectful. This includes all achievements and qualities of every person in the team, good communication and an equally careful use of resources.

Ortholutions Blog: What will be the highlights of the year as an outlook for 2020?

Jenny Schmid: The possibilities of the orthopedic technology industry are significantly higher, especially of higher quality and more diverse than previously assumed or recognized! I see great potential in specializations: The large manufacturers and OT specialist stores continue to grow. In this context, small and medium-sized providers can specifically score with a specialization! If there is more understanding about this, this development will come into focus. There is also a significant opportunity – still and still – in the development of 3D print.
In 2020, we ourselves also focus on the development and expansion of the latest CAD / CAM Central Fabrication.

Dino Gallo: The highlights are definitely antibiotic prosthesis technology. Orthopedic technology has arrived in the high-tech area, especially in prosthetic arms and legs. A perennial favorite is everything from the field of 3-D printing and CAD as well as the resulting products and services.

Ortholutions Blog: What are the priorities for Ortholutions 2020 in its own development?

Jenny Schmid: Our goal is to increase the visibility of the product range and a much stronger focus of the management itself on increasing the visibility. In the course of this, we will be active through lectures at specialist conferences, OT events, but also selectively selected smaller trade fairs, conferences and in orthopedic technology schools such as master schools.

Dino Gallo: In addition to scoliosis treatment, we will – as an outlook for 2020 – increasingly focus on responsible use of other business activities in the service manufacturing area with the entire team. Internationally and nationwide, of course, we continue to keep an eye on how we can intensify cooperation, for example with existing partners such as orthomanfaktur Graßl, Austria, and master schools in Estonia and and Israel, with which we are already cooperating and extensive activities are planned. Of course, employees will also train internally this year. Personally, I am very interested in the recently started support for the “Namaste – Hilfe für Nepal” project, which is all the more interesting because this initiative fits the Ortholutions brand perfectly.

– Interview: Ingo Becker

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