Patient data recording, product selection and expert exchange with app for certified orthotists/ CPOs

Collect all patient data with a single application

We support you in the implementation of all kinds of orthopedic products and use a manufacturing process that is supported by CAD software. In addition, we offer comprehensive and competent advice and adapt technologies to products for an optimal production process.

Benefit from continuously expanded, many years of expert knowledge

Professional users of the Ortholutions app can benefit from advanced expert knowledge. Thanks to many years of trusting cooperation with numerous experts from various disciplines with regard to classification and treatment levels, the essential information is on a comprehensive level. All orthopedic and medical details are continuously updated and expanded.

Complete communication clearly and in real time

In order to make the treatment as comprehensive as possible and professionally competent, we are expanding the functionality of the Ortholutions app at a crucial point – almost infinitely: On the one hand, through direct communication with Ortholutions experts and medical advisors to discuss care, and in case-related communication within the treatment team and for the specific coordination of doctors, therapists and other experts. On the other hand, other available details can also be consulted based on current medical knowledge.

Using the app for all aids products as an orthopedic expert

Everything from a single source: The Ortholutions app contains all products from our range. In addition to trunk orthoses, including the Ortholutions Original RSC® Brace and others such as nBrace and sBrace, this also includes all other aids from our range: Same scope – same functionality – same communication – same security in terms of supply and data.

Easy to use, mobile and device-independent

Start from here with your new flexibility as an orthopedic technician, physiotherapist or orthopedic specialist. The Ortholutions app is

  • a professional all-in-one solution
  • on all networked mobile devices: smartphone or tablet PC.
  • Scans / images / documents are available for treatment at a glance.
  • Communicate with partners for a specific patient treatment as well as with experts from the Ortholutions network.
  • Choose from all Ortholutions products.
  • Keep all detailed information in a safe place.

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