UPDATE 04/07/2021

The RSC® Brace Scoliosis Intensive Webinar 2021 is sold out!

Since experience shows that the places for participants in the 2022 seminar will be reserved early, you are welcome to register for the waiting list.


The online seminar for scoliosis treatment with RSC® Brace

Premiere in April: The RSC® Brace Scoliosis Intensive Webinar with Dino Gallo, Jenny Schmid, and Dr. Manuel Rigo MD PhD for treatment teams, consisting of an orthopedic specialist, an orthopedic technician and a physiotherapist, will take place live online for registered participants from April 16 to 17, 2021.

It is also aimed at individual specialists working in the field of orthopedics, who are working towards a comprehensive understanding of idiopathic scoliosis and the Rigo Chêneau corset in detail.

The seminar, which is held in English language, is mandatory in order to be able to order an Ortholutions Original RSC® Brace.

Acquire the basics for certification to the RSC® Brace Excellence Center

During the new online seminar, a patient will be fitted with the Ortholutions Original RSC® Brace scoliosis brace.

If participants have successfully attended the RSC® Brace Scoliosis Intensive Webinar, there is an opportunity to be certified as an RSC® Brace Excellence Center.

Providing the best possible care for scoliosis patients

The goal of Ortholutions is to educate orthopedic technicians who are interested in the Chêneau corset and to find treatment teams – orthopedic technicians and physiotherapists or orthopedic technicians, physiotherapists and orthopedic specialists – who are genuinely interested to reach the best possible treatment results through optimal therapy of scoliosis patients.

Part of the cooperation with Ortholutions and the scoliosis treatment with the Original RSC® Brace as RSC® Brace Excellence Center is to follow the intended “Ortholutions RSC® Protocol” during the course of treatment.

Find out more about the program of the RSC® Brace Scoliosis Intensive Online Seminar

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