Scoliosis and musculature

About the lever arms of the musculature through trunk orthoses

Idiopathic and neurological scolioses are treated with similar corset principles.

Musculoskeletal scoliosis patients with idiopathic scoliosis and body statics were improved by scoliosis treatment with an original Rigo System Cheneau® corset (Ortholutions RSC® Brace).

A common question in the different scoliosis forms is:
Is the musculature negatively influenced by the wearing of a corset?

The question arises in the treatment of both neurological forms of scoliosis and idiopathic scoliosis, which is most prevalent at around 80 percent in the room.

In neurological scoliosis there is no chance to activate the muscles. This means that if a child is placed without a corset, for example, the muscles are only pathological, ie they are active in the wrong sense – thereby increasing the forces that increase scoliosis.

However, when the musculature is stretched through a corset in a flexible scoliosis, a positive muscle activity is created. No matter whether the corset is worn while standing, sitting or at night.

Muscle activity for controlled development through appropriate scoliosis corset

Through a proper corset, which results in an expansion of the muscles, muscle activity can arise in the corset.

The expansion of the shortened muscles thus means that the innervated (functional or partially functional) muscles can work in a controlled manner and develop.

The corset raises the scoliosis patient clearly, thus stretching the trunk muscles and allows her to sit and manipulate freely

Proper distention in the corset (or surgery) causes the muscles to regain the proper lever arms. And if the muscle’s leverage is right, it can work.

That is, when the lever arms of the musculature are improved by core orthotics or surgery, patients can move better despite paralysis or control control errors.

This means that an improvement of the situation is given with a corset or even possible.

A corset, provided that it is properly constructed, does not cause a deterioration in the muscular situation, but an improvement.

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