The year is coming to an end and we can look back on a section with interesting encounters, new insights and valuable experiences. In view of the large number of developments in the business fields in which Ortholutions is active, we spoke to Jenny Schmid and Dino Gallo, both CEO and founders of the company, in their 2019 review.

Ortholutions Blog: What were the highlights for you in 2019?

Dino Gallo: In connection with the Ortholutions business unit Futuring Technology, we recently expanded the area of ​​digitization at the end of the year in order to create additional capacities and create more jobs in the CAD area. The new surface digitization system for anthropometric data acquisition of the back works in the area of ​​application of scoliosis patients in the clinical acquisition and documentation of the progress status. In addition, the product area of ​​the production of proprioceptive insoles was specifically expanded.

Jenny Schmid: The start of activities in Ireland and a significant expansion in Estonia is particularly certain in the international Ortholutions division. In Dublin, we were able to create a cooperation based on the original RSC® Brace certification from Ciarnaid Hayes, Orthotic Solutions, and Niamh McGowan, Schroth PT, Pearse Street Physiotherapy Clinic, the first national treatment team on the Irish island to do so win and continue to expand this collaboration.

n Estonia, especially in the capital Tallinn and the city of Tartu in the south of the country, we were able to take further steps towards development and cooperation. Behind every corset restoration with an Original RSC® Brace is a competent team of practitioners who are interested in sustainable treatment success. Dino Gallo: In the field of helmet therapy, we have created a cooperation with the partner Orthomanufaktur from Austria, through which technical know-how and manufacturing competence are bundled in order to care for patients directly and to supply the orthopedic specialist trade.

Ortholutions Blog: Are there any forms of treatment and topics from orthopedic technology that you have added to the Ortholutions production portfolio?

Jenny Schmid: A highlight is definitely the insight into a seminar that – after deepening – leads to the treatment of Scapula Alata, the so-called angel wing disease. Because, in fact, I haven’t heard of the developed therapy options in addition to the disease. In addition, there is the expansion of cooperation with various physiotherapists to improve the treatment results when using our orthoses. For example, we were able to deepen the cooperation Thomas “Physio-Tom” Pielmeier from Nuremberg, Germany, for further projects.

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Dino Gallo: Im Zuge der von Jenny genannten Aneignung von Know-how im Bereich Scapula Alata, und der Durchführung des Seminars haben wir Entwicklung eines neues biomechanischen Designs für eine Scapula Alata Orthese vorangetrieben. In der Behandlung Umgesetzt wird dies auf Basis eines Scans des Patienten und Ortholutions CAD. Zusätzlich verwenden wir andere Materialien, im Vergleich zu bisherigen, am Markt erhältlichen Varianten. Faktisch ist kein Gipsen mehr notwendig.

Ortholutions Blog: What developments have there been in the Ortholutions team?

Jenny Schmid: We were able to add some new employees to the team and integrate them. I don’t want to emphasize anybody because everyone shows what he can do in his area. In addition, the development of our employees has made further progress. Partly it is up to fine tuning, which can always be a challenge in the next stage, others are now incorporated, good teamwork is a key to success. How effective we are will remain to be seen, even in situations that are particularly challenging for all of us, such as the upcoming OT World trade fair in 2020 (May 12 to 15, 2020 at Leipzig, Germany – booth number: to be announced) as a varied industry meeting, the highlight of the industries.

– Interview: Ingo Becker

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