How Myrte (14) came to RSC® Brace and BSPTS Schroth therapy

Experience report of a patient with idiopathic scoliosis from the Netherlands

My name is Myrte, I am 14 years old and play volleyball. I love baking and dating my friends. I live in the southern part of the Netherlands, near the city of Den Bosch. I have known about my scoliosis for a year now.

How it all started

I play volleyball every Saturday and from “this” Saturday I realized what I had. I wanted to fit a ball. While trying to do this, I made a wrong move. Suddenly I felt a very strong pain in my back. I didn’t know where the pain came from. When I got home later that afternoon, my mother examined my back and it came out that there was a big arch there. The next day I went to my family doctor, who said that it was probably just muscle tension. But it wasn’t.

A thorough examination of the spine

The pain didn’t stop and I was transferred to the hospital. X-rays were taken here. I had to go to the St. Maarten Clinic in Nijmegen. This is a hospital that specializes in spine. There I spoke to an orthopedic surgeon who suspected scoliosis. I had a 45 degree bend and a corset was not helpful in their opinion. I should be operated on.

I wanted to follow the possibility of intensive therapy with the RSC® Brace scoliosis corset by Ortholutions and was thrilled!

Definitely find an alternative to surgery!

But my decision was made! I definitely didn’t want surgery. For this reason, I sat down in front of the Internet shortly after to look for other alternatives. And so I came to the Scoliosis Care Clinic homepage. We were allowed to ask some questions and everything was explained very well. They told me about the possibility of an RSC® (Rigo® System Cheneau®) Brace from Ortholutions in Germany. I wanted to follow this intensive therapy and was thrilled!

Finally there was something I could do about my scoliosis. We decided to address this change. First, my body was measured in the Scoliosis Care Clinic, clinical pictures and X-rays were taken. These were uploaded to Ortholutions’ database and I had to wait for my RSC® Brace. Around a month later, I was able to try on my corset in Zwolle with Dino Gallo, co-founder of Ortholutions.

First corset wear and intensive therapy with nice physiotherapists

It was early summer and, oh, how the corset hurt in the beginning. The first day I was able to wear the corset for an hour, no longer. But it got better and better over time and I managed to wear the RSC® Brace longer. It was a relief!

I now wear the corset 23 hours a day. In combination with clothing, I find it sometimes difficult to wear, but you know what you are doing it for. In addition, I ordered a second row of my schoolbooks so that I could also learn during therapy.

In autumn I started my first two weeks of intensive therapy in the Scoliosis Care Clinic. I was very excited. Will I be in a nice group? Are there people my age there?

But everything was half as bad, two weeks passed in flight and I am still in contact with some of the girls in my group. The therapists there are very nice!

Goal achieved – and less pain in the spine!

The next two weeks of my intensive therapy followed during the Christmas vacation. And again it was great. The main goal for me was that my spine would not get worse and that I had less pain. And all of these goals were achieved!

With my RSC® Brace everything is fine and I always do the exercises for home with music 😉

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