Point of contact and exchange for scoliosis patients, orthopedic technicians and physiotherapists

Ortholutions has created this blog to bridge the gap between orthopedic technicians and physiotherapists, scoliosis patients, their families, and physicians without claiming to provide answers to a patient’s specific patient history. With the blog, we can give everyone a voice and try to start dialogues. Special focus is on bringing more light on evaluation, opinion, and superficial knowledge, with extensive international knowledge and decades of experience at Ortholutions – to help those who are depressed or in doubt whether they care adequate and doing the appropriate for their own or their children’s health.

Participate In The Orthopedic Technology Blog

The Ortholutions blog is an initiative that is open to all, especially orthopedic technicians, physiotherapists, orthopedic specialists, patients, their families and friends, to be able to read information and experience, to be able to freely exchange and discuss in the comment section. The blog is an open area where any user can post comments that will be visible to all visitors to the page: Just click the ‘Submit comment’ button to join, encourage, add, discuss. Leaving comments and inserting links for advertising purposes is not permitted. In postings of this blog, a gender-non-specific form is used throughout – it includes male, female and diverse users.

An Important Note For Patients

All information, opinions and recommendations of Ortholutions experts in blog posts, comments and responses via social media (Ortholutions can be found on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Xing) can not replace those of a treating doctor. The information found on this blog complements the visit of an orthopedic specialist (orthopedist), a certified orthopedic technician or a qualified physiotherapist.

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