Concentration on the essential.

Orthopedic computer-assisted production

Ortholutions has been a pioneer in computer-assisted production processes for orthopedic technology since its founding in 2001.

We collaborate as a service fabrication partner with professional customers on a national and international level and advise patients and clinics in the traditional methods.


Original Rigo® Chêneau® Bracing

In 2003, the patented Ortholutions RSC® Brace STS (short for Rigo System Chêneau Brace Scoliosis Treatment System) was developed.

Since then, an international network of trained orthopedic technology companies has developed and uses the Ortholutions corset for long-term scoliosis therapy.

Our Team



Dino Gallo, CEO and Co-Founder, Ortholutions Jenny Schmid, CEO and Co-Founder, Ortholutions


Kerstin Richter, Team Assistant and Project Assistant  / Front Office

Becoming an employee at Ortholutions

High standards – Collaborative environment

Ortholutions is an owner-managed company with international clients, based in Rosenheim, Germany, since 2001. We are motivated to produce innovative design and technology. For our clients, for patients – every day on to something new. In order to achieve this, not only do the expertise and competence need to align, but the chemistry among our employees must also be right. To that end, at Ortholutions we value openness, authenticity, engagement and interest in our work methods and techniques just as much as our standards in production, products and quality. This may sound like a lot of requirements – but it ensures that we – as an entire team – remain unique in the field of orthopedic technology and brings us that much more joy when we create something together for people.

Unsolicited applications welcome

Ortholutions is an ideal employer – we are convinced of that! Our advertised positions don’t fit your job experience or there’s no job vacancy listed on this website? If you believe that you are exactly the right fit for us at Ortholutions, then convince us with your unsolicited application!

Your application at Ortholutions

If you would like to apply to an open position or send us an unsolicited application, Please send your complete documents to: Jenny Schmid Email:

Current job offers at Ortholutions

We are looking for a

Orthopedic technology mechanic (d/f/m)

You have been trained as an orthopedic technology mechanic successfully completed and now looking for a new challenge?

The employees in the trunk orthotics manufacture produce all types of custom-made orthoses for partners worldwide and carry out measures and adjustments on site for our patients.

Do what you love:

  • Manufacture of made-to-measure products in the trunk aesthetics factory
  • Coordination of production orders with assumption of responsibility for compliance with manufacturing and delivery dates
  • Monitoring and control of our workshop processes
  • Adjustments of high-quality insoles – custom-made dynamic foot orthoses after gait and back analysis)
  • Adjustments of high-quality trunk orthoses (Original RSC® Brace, nBrace, sBrace, saBrace ect.)
    • Holistic care for our small and large patients with adjustments and repairs of our aids as well as advice and instruction
    • Coordination of the maintenance and repair work of our production

Show what you can do:

  • After the induction, give support for our orthopedic technology customers and take care of “your working area” with a lot of effort, heart and enthusiasm.
  • In our products and any work, we place great value, in addition to the passion for the profession and the Ortholutions product world, and teamwork skills, in-depth specialist knowledge and craftsmanship.
  • You work carefully with the greatest possible attention to quality and are very service-oriented.
  • Your very good manners and a trimmed appearance are a matter of course for you.

… and get from us:

  • A secure job in a family-run company
  • Good working atmosphere
  • Annual salaries appropriate to the industry
  • Flexible working hours – up to a maximum of 4 days a week
  • Employer-funded pension
  • Assistance with moving and / or looking for an apartment to get started
  • Advantageous options from the “Corporate Benefit” program, for example a job bike or job ticket / travel allowance / public transport ticket, monthly team events, drinks “flat rate”, Spendit employee card.


We are looking for a

Orthopedic Technician (f/m/d)

for the area of computer-aided manufacturing

Do for what you are on fire:

  • Create 3-D models, write programs for orthotics and service production
  • Order coordination for the area of service production
  • Fitting and modicfication of inserts and orthoses of all kinds on the patient as well as doing necessary corrections
  • Completion of orthopedic technical aids in the areas of trunk orthotics / orthotics / pediatric orthopedics
  • Comprehensive care of the patients, possibly growth adjustments and repairs of the orthosis
  • Advice and instruction of patients in the use and functioning of the orthosis

Show what you are able to:

  • Completed apprenticeship as orthopedic technician with professional experience in orthotics
  • Strong interest and ambition to learn the field of 3-D models’ world (editing, creating, writing programs)
  • Very good spatial imagination
  • An independent, structured and proactive way of working
  • Safe handling of modern computer technology
  • Strong interest in a modern workplace, where the balancing act between service production, working with PC and working directly on the patient succeeds
  • Your experiences are characterized by competence and passion as well as conscientious, reliable and independent way of working
  • Your German and English language and written skills make you highly communicative
  • Soft skills: Interest, teamwork, discipline, commitment

… and you will receive from us:

  • A modern working environment with a view of the Chiemgau Alps
  • Extremely varied tasks with global requirement
  • The prospect to develop along professionally and looking after responsible tasks and projects
  • Working in an innovative environment where good ideas are recognized
  • Appreciation of the daily work
  • Personal promotion and further education
  • Last, but not least: the Ortholutions „office flatrate“ with coffee and cold softdrinks


We are looking for a

Craftsman / Production Specialist (f/m/d)

Do what you are able to:

  • Cutting plastic sheets
  • Grinding / fine grinding of products. – Each product is a one-off production for a human.
  • Deep drawing of plastics for individual small-scale production
  • Inventory control
  • Machine maintenance, maintenance and care of the lab
  • Packaging of products and preparation for shipping

Show what you are able to:

  • Completed apprenticeship in the craft trades – joiner, mold making, plastic molding (m/f)
  • High sense of responsibility
  • Goal-oriented work
  • Motivation and resilience
  • Very good fine motor skills
  • High team ability
  • Interest in a long-term employment in a modern enterprise

… and you will receive from us:

  • A modern working environment with a view of the Chiemgau Alps
  • Varied tasks
  • Appreciation of the daily work
  • Working in an innovative environment where your commitment and sense of responsibility are recognized
  • Last, but not least: the Ortholutions „office flatrate“ with coffee and cold softdrinks


Do we get to know each other? Please send your significant, complete application files to: Jenny Schmid Email:

Partnership with Ortholutions: Taking care of patients in a team

Collaborating internationally as a scoliosis team within the Ortholutions network

The Ortholutions Scoliosis Team offers extensive opportunities to improve a patient’s situation on various levels of scoliosis therapy. In long-term collaborations with international scoliosis experts, orthopedic specialists and orthopedic technicians, Ortholutions has an established international network of scoliosis centers (RSC® Excellence Centers).

Safe treatment in scoliosis therapy

  • Direct communication with experts for every scoliosis treatment
  • Direct contact with the scoliosis experts Dr. Manuel Rigo and Dr. Mina Jelačić
  • Every single patient receives his/her diagnosis/pattern classification and corset determination from Dr. Rigo personally.

Efficient elements for optimal therapy

  • The RSC® Brace scoliosis orthoses are delivered ready to wear.
  • Integrated into the Ortholutions database and communication platform.
  • Possibility of continuous knowledge sharing and increase in patient numbers.

Exclusive access to expert network and RSC® Brace

  • RSC® Centers belong to an international group of scoliosis experts. They are in direct contact with Dr. Rigo via Ortholutions’ unique patient databank.
  • RSC® Centers receive exclusive access to the supply of the RSC® Brace Scoliosis Corsets, which are reproduced for patients on a standardized and individualized basis. This is guaranteed by the patented production method of Ortholutions. Every patient receives an authenticity certificate with his/her RSC® Brace.

Focus on the essential: Patient treatment

Working with the unique orthoses system means having more time for the essentials: Focusing completely on the work with patients and thus the specialization of care. Expertise is expanded, and experiences can be discussed and reconciled via the international network of scoliosis experts.

Profit as a licensed RSC® Brace Scoliosis Center

Access to international expertise and the latest products

Licensed RSC® Brace Competence Centers treat scoliosis patients according to the latest international scientific research on scoliosis therapy. Patients also have access to the newest original corset models by Dr. Rigo. RSC® Brace Competence Centers are in direct dialogue with Ortholutions and the scoliosis expert Dr. Rigo via the digital patient databank.

The premium license package

Advantage: Licensed Competence Centers profit from the treatment safety and economy of the unique system.

  • Official use of the HVM for RSC® Brace invoicing
  • On-site support
  • Marketing support (publications, brochures and events)
  • Access to the Ortholutions franchise system

The Ortholutions RSC® Brace Treatment Franchise System includes the branding and licensing agreement. We are happy to discuss the details with you.

Medical expert consultation on the Ortholutions RSC® Brace

Ortholutions is supported by qualified, professionally recognized medical consultants regarding the RSC® Brace and corset treatment of idiopathic scoliosis (IS). They make the decisions for the classification and RSC® Brace model selection for every IS patient receiving an RSC® Brace. They also lead the annual Ortholutions scoliosis intensive seminars.

Medical experts of the Ortholutions RSC® Brace

Dr. Manuel Rigo MD, PhD

Medical consultant for Ortholutions. Doctor at the Instituto Elena Salvá Scoliosis Rehabilitation Center, Barcelona, Spain. Professor at the School of Physiotherapy Gimbernat (UAB). Classification and Ortholutions RSC® Brace model selection for every patient receiving a scoliosis brace since 2001.

Dr. Mina Jelačić MD

Medical consultant for Ortholutions. Medical Director of the Scoliorehab Scoliosis Center, Novi Sad. Classification and Ortholutions RSC® Brace model selection for every patient receiving a scoliosis corset since 2015. Dr. Mina Jelačić has been a doctor since 2009 and was trained and certified in the Schroth Method by Dr. Manuel Rigo in 2011. She has treated spine deformities since 2011 and has been a BSPTS trainer since 2011.

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