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Would you like to contact Ortholutions professionally as doctor / physiotherapist / orthopedic technician or privately as scoliosis patient or legal guardian? − The Ortholutions Team is happy to answer your questions and receive your suggestions and wishes.

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Jenny Schmid, Managing Director
+49 8031 3543330

Dino Gallo, Managing Director
+49 8031 3543330

Kerstin Richter, Team/ Project Assistant/ Front Office
+49 8031 3543330

Bastian Weidermann, Internal Sales – Commercial Administration / Back Office
+49 8031 3543330

Stephan Schartner, Certified Orthotist, Head of Orthopedic Technology
+49 8031 3543330

Fabian Roth, Engineer for Orthopedic Technology
+49 8031 3543330

Carlo Maria Rauen, Head of Product Design
+49 8031 3543330

Wilhelm Enderle, CAD/CAM Technician
+49 8031 3543330

Talel Gnainia, Interpreter/ Corporate Representative for Arabic patients
طلال غناينية
ممثل شركة أورتولوشنس
+49 172 685 84 24

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We are happy to answer your questions, requests, and concerns. For contacting, please fill in the form below completely.

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